Everywhere! just found most popular greetings “Ramadhan”. Wonder about, what is that?

13 10 2010

west-lee: how r u my east friend.warmest hug for ur cute daughter . missed bandung n ur family. wonder about word “ramadhan”. just found popular greetings n comments on facebook and twitt.everywhere!

nurlaenileni: hi lee. howr u. im fine. might 12 hours different. midnight here. just wake up. and imhappy found u far away asking about

west-lee: then no say sorry for urhappiness ha ha. im also fine. a bit lazy for killing those papers. so myfriend, explain me about. answer my couriesness plz

nurlaenileni: well. ramadhan, blessed month of fasting, bestmonth to purify n train our body n soul. ramadhan s around now, a gift for us,for a whole entire life in this world. t 9th sacred month in islamiccalendar, base on lunar year, obligatory for moslem to fast in. meansabstinence, stop eating, drinking, smoking, n sexual activities from dawn untildusk

west-lee: all moslem doing fasting now?

nurlaenileni: some people exempted from fasting in this month, some with consequences. purelyexempted for minors n mentally retarded. t aged should donate a meal to t needy.t sick, traveler, pregnant-suckling-menstruating women, should fast anequivalent number of days afterwards

west-lee: sound t rule very considering!

nurlaenileni: yes lee. shown islam very natural n very considerate religion.”…but whoever is sick or upon a journey,then (he shall fast) a (like) number of other days; Allah desires ease for u, nHe does not desire for u difficulty, n (He desires) that u should complete t numbern that u should exalt t greatness of Allah for His having guided u, n that u maygive thanks” (Holy Quran 2:185)

west-lee: ok. moslem should fast. but why?

nurlaenileni: t goal of fasting s to develop self-restraint. called Taqwa. an arabic word. t stateof heart that motivates virtuous conduct n prevents evil action. combinationbetween t Love of God n t Fear of God will leads moslem to Taqwa, means abilityto safe-guard. “O u who believe! fasting sprescribed to u as it was prescribed to those before u, so that u may develop Taqwa” (Holy Quran 2:183)

nurlaenileni: mentioned “…before u…”. for suchexample, God says about Mary in HolyQuran that she said “Verily!, I ve vowed a fast to t Most Beneficent…”(Maryam19:26)

west-lee: ok. u said before, ramadhan such as great blessed month ?

nurlaenileni: yes. peacen blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad, who address on t eve ofRamadhan, as a great blessed month. God has made fasting during it anobligation, steadfastly observing its nights in worship a voluntary act. whoeverundertakes an act of obedience to Allah during this month with a righteousdeed, it s as if he has performed n obligatory act at other times. whoeverperforms n obligatory act during it is as one who performed seventy obligationsat other times.

nurlaenileni: also Ramadhanis month of patience, n reward for patience is paradise. month of goodwill,during which provisions r multiplied

west-lee: so this month u fasting for a whole day?

nurlaenileni: of course not. not allowed. ramadhan time-table involved to divide a daybecome night n day. at day eating drinking sexual activities forbidden. those permittedat night, compiling with special prayers at evening n midnight, eating beforedawn n breakfast as for starting n closing

nurlaenileni: fasting n sins do not go together. Allah no need for hunger n thirst of uswho does not restrain from telling lies n acting on them even while observingfast. while fasting, we should abstain from indecent acts n unnecessary talk. ifsomeone begins an obscene conversation or tries to pick an argument, shouldsimply tell “I am fasting”

west-lee: just thinking t same. ramadhan more than fasting from hunger n thirst. am I right?

nurlaenileni: yes. ramadhan provides annual training opportunity. fulfill characterbuilding needs for t rest of year. still remember about Taqwa I mentioned? moslemcharacter-building s achieved. all about God-fearing nature. after lifeaccountability. patience n self-control. self-discipline n responsibility. obediencen of course purification of soul

nurlaenileni: a whole blessed month. moslem full of begging. said first 10 daysfasting for God’s mercy. middle 10 days for God’s forgiveness. rest 10 days forSalvation from hell-fire

west-lee: wow. those such rewards!

nurlaenileni: yes my friend. u know, every action of moslem as t sons of Adam s givenmanifold reward. each good deed reveiving ten times its like, up to sevenhundred times. Allah t Most High said “exceptfor fasting, for it s for Me, n I will give recompense for it, he leaves offhis desires n his food for Me”. two times of joy we have while fasting; timewhen we break our fast n time when we meet Allah. t smell coming from t fastingpeople’s mouth s better with Allah than t smell of musk!.

west-lee: hmmmm im more embittered. mean how fasting feels all about

nurlaenileni: may u r not just feeling hungry n thirsty. bet many times u cry for familiarafrican hunger images. but see, poor n hungry people always be present around u,in ur neighbourhood!do u feel how their hungry n thirsty before? ramadhan cultivates that’s feelings.lead us more care n concern for them. to help attitude towards have-nots. togive charity n donations. to refrain from wasting food n drinks. n of coursesome other social responsibilities.

west-lee: ok I understand. but people said fasting cause bad injury for body system.

nurlaenileni: well. heard also. such fasting cause stomach’s atrophy. paralyze bowels.deplete our blood. Anemia. weaken n collapse heart. deficiency n malnutritional. irresistance to disease-teeth-nervous system-glands n other vitalorgans. cause mental disturbances. those irresponsible statements, might slander.misbelieves! u can prove by urself.

nurlaenileni: some medical fact n research book nowadays. professors n doctors proved fastingvery good for human body. gives vital organs a complete rest. promoteselimination of metabolic wastes. allows body to adjust n normalize itsbiochemistry n secretions. lets body break down n absorbswellings-deposits-diseased tissues-abnormal growths. restores youthfulcondition to cells n tissues. increases power of digestion n assimilation. permitconservation n rerouting energy. also clears n strengthens minds.

west-lee: hmmm understand why moslem do that nurlaenileni: well. again, moslem reason is only Taqwa. just do what Holy Quran stated.n as Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, addressed 1400years ago “fast, and you shall becomehealthy”.

nurlaenileni: one of God’s bless in ramadhan. all t sons of Adam may walk back to t MostTruth Guidance, Holy Quran. revealed, guidance to men a clear proofs of guidancen distinction. “and we have indeed madethe Quran easy to understand and remember, then is there any one who will remember (or receive admonition)” (Holy Quran 54:17).

west-lee: don’t know what to ask more. im speechless. like to learn more my friend

nurlaenileni: alhamdulillah. God bless you. but sorry lee, ve to end. time for earlybreakfast before fasting. called suhoor or sahur here. kids need me to prepare.will continue while leisure. keep contact lee. warmest regards for urhusband n kids. takecare. salam. bye

west-lee: warmest hug too for u n kids. miss u more than before. cant stand to talkabout more. bye my friend